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Case N.C. Nielsen supplied a brand-new Konecranes SMV 16-1200 forklift to BOXIT in Risskov, Denmark. The new power machine is juggling containers at the busy terminal and has increased capacity significantly by stacking more containers vertically and loading delivery lorries in record time with many different containers.

The arrival of the new Konecranes forklift is an indication of growth at BOXIT. Since 2003, BOXIT has adjusted to modern times and has implemented flexible solutions for storage, transfer and mobility. Thus, the BOXIT concept contains all forms of self storage for private customers and businesses - with thousands of storage rooms, 11 departments across Denmark and two serviced office spaces.

The container part came into existence in 2010 as a natural extension of the fundamental business concept. Today, the product palette covers the lease and sale of new containers - 10, 20 and 40 feet. Add to this a great deal of cooling/freezing containers and specific cargo containers, i.a. with side doors, energy packages or safety devices for the fireworks industry.

- We succeeded in increasing capacity by at least 50 % at the container site in Risskov. We had to think out of the box to find the right solution as we were not able to expand the physical setting at the site. We chose to buy a Konecranes SMV 16-1200 forklift, and we now have our need for container transport covered well into the future, says Lars Bobjerg Juul, day-to-day manager at BOXIT Container.

Efficient container transport

The container area at BOXIT in Risskov covers an area of around 13,000 square metres and has a good, logistical location close to the motorway network. From Risskov, the company’s own lorries deliver the characteristic BOXIT containers throughout Denmark. There is no time to waste when the lorries arrive with the new containers or need to be loaded with leased or sold containers.

- Things have to get a move on once the lorries are in. We load around 50 containers on a daily basis. It doesn’t take many minutes with our Konecranes forklift. Thanks to the converter system, the driving is very comfortable, and I would also like to emphasise the driver comfort with good vision in all directions, a quiet working environment and plenty of storage space in the cabin, says Foreman Kaj Gregersen who is behind the wheel on a daily basis.

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