The Konecranes E-VER is a brand-new addition to the Konecranes Ecolifting family. With a fully electric driveline and the latest ecoefficient features, it is a silent, productive vehicle with zero direct emissions.

Since 1959, Konecranes Lift Trucks has been a pioneer in providing powerful, flexible and reliable lift trucks to customers around the world, and over the years new models have become more productive, economical and eco-efficient. Konecranes innovative lift truck concept with box type chassis and hydraulic load sensing system, introduced in 1995, delivered fuel savings of up to 15% compared to other gear-pump units. In 2013, Konecranes launched the world’s first hybrid reach stacker, and followed that with the largest capacity reach stacker, which can lift 152 tons under hook. Today, the company continues to live up to its enviable reputation with its first electric lift truck.

Proven technology: better for the business

“Electrically-powered lifting is well-established in Konecranes, but in this project, we are being innovative and raising electrification to the next level,” says Lisa Martinsson, the Senior Project Manager who leads the company program to develop electric lift trucks. “We are resetting the industry standard once again.”

Benefits to the environment are just the start

In comparison with a standard diesel engine, the Konecranes E-VER cuts energy consumption in general and the running costs by up to 70%. The lithium-ion battery that powers the truck’s two motors has been selected for its many advantages. It saves time, taking just 45 minutes to fully recharge. When the truck is in motion, it adds braking energy to the charge. Surrounded by a protective frame, it’s safe from physical damage and can be charged anywhere. Finally, it will last for at least 3,000 charge full charge cycles.

The Konecranes E-VER electric forklift needs less time and money for maintenance because it has common electrical modules and few moving parts. With no heat and less vibration, components will last longer.

Smooth and safe: better for drivers

Konecranes has always built lift trucks that provide the best in control, comfort and safety. The Konecranes E-VER is no different. Powerful and easily maneuverable, this electric vehicle runs on a motor that is more efficient than a diesel engine. Smoother movements and faster acceleration allow the driver to focus on the task of moving a load safely and efficiently. The cabin features a wide, unobstructed view of the work area and an ergonomic console with a clear, graphic screen display for unparalleled visibility and comfortable control of the vehicle.

This electric forklift takes safety one step further, with redundant sensors for faster diagnostics and failsafe functioning. In addition to the display, there are electric signals all around the machine to alert the driver to the most important details of the vehicle’s operation, such as when to recharge.

Connectivity: better for fleet optimization

The Konecranes E-VER is a Smart Connected Lift Truck as well. TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring follow the battery charge status along with energy consumption and recovery. The customer portal puts all this information together in one place, providing management and operational KPIs as well as data visualizations and trend charts to monitor and control the truck’s operational efficiency, productivity, safety and environmental impact. Konecranes new Internet of Things platform is designed to support vehicle-to-everything communication, meaning direct streaming of data from the truck and any systems it can interact with, backed by the highest levels of data security and cybersecurity. Moreover, the IoT platform makes it easy to monitor, control and analyze customers’ lift trucks fleet and optimize their operations.

“Fitted with our state-of-the-art Smart Connected technology, the new Konecranes E-VER electric forklift will benefit our customers by dramatically reducing their environmental impact while providing improved performance,” says Andreas Falk, Senior Vice President of Konecranes Business Unit Lift Trucks. “Many customers are planning fully carbon-neutral operations for the near future and electrification is the most logical way forward. We would like to help them with that by offering an ideal solution for their world.” 

The E-VER is part of Ecolifting, Konecranes’ vision to minimize the footprint and improve the handprint of equipment for terminals and heavy industrial applications. From eco-optimizing diesel drives, to hybridization and fully-electrified fleets, Konecranes will continue to do more with less.

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