Case N.C. Nielsen’s proprietary Lithium-ION batteries are used for all sorts of things. At Jeka Fish in Lemvig, a number of Linge forklifts with Lithium-ION batteries are facing the challenge of a highly saline indoor environment. The harsh environment has, however, not affected the performance of the batteries, allowing the Linde truck fleet to push on.

Jeka Fish has specialised in line-caught cod from the Pacific and Atlantic. The company offers wet-salted, light-salted and re-fresh cod products to consumers all over the world. The line includes edible crab from Danish waters, shrimp, minced fish bound with flour and egg, and fish cakes, all of which are manufactured using advanced production facilities at the port in Lemvig.

Salt everywhere

The production of fish products continues at full steam from morning to evening, and many of the 110 employees work with cod processing in the 7,500-square-metre hall. Because of this, a steady traffic of Linde forklifts and stackers carrying Big Bags with salt, tubs of salt water and finished products to the cold stores, where the temperature reaches minus 24 degrees Celsius.

A fleet of machines keeps the internal logistics running at the fish factory, consisting of five Linde E20 forklifts, two Linde E12 forklifts, two Linde stackers and a single Linde LPG forklift truck for outdoor use. The fleet has to be operational at all times, and all machines have to be kept going to ensure an uninterrupted flow in the busy production. Therefore, Jeka Fish decided to try the Lithium-ION batteries from N.C. Nielsen:

“We chose Lithium-ION to reduce downtime and to keep production going all day long. We save time here since the batteries do not need to be replaced, they can be recharged during breaks and they have long maintenance intervals. They are very durable and work flawlessly despite salt, water and large temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, the lifetime of the batteries has to span that of two trucks,” says Support Manager Anders Meyer from Jeka Fish A/S.

Durable technology

N.C. Nielsen and Jeka Fish have collaborated for several years, and Linde is the preferred truck brand at the Lemvig company. This is because Jeka Fish needs strong, durable and flexible materials that can handle the demanding working environment within the manufacturing of fish products:

“Technically, Linde trucks are very well put together, with tilt cylinders on all masts, a strong supporting frame and a well-functioning engine. Hoses, hydraulics, paint, etc. are really put to the test on our trucks, but they hold out. At the same time, safety is also in focus. For example, we have received Linde Blue Spot and non-marking rubber tyres so that the trucks do not aquaplane on the slippery floor,” says electrician Søren Rokkjær from Jeka Fish A/S.

In addition, Søren Rokkjær indicates that Jeka Fish has established new loading stations in different places at their premises. This way, the truck drivers have the shortest possible distance between the loading stations and the company's service facilities, such as the canteen and changing room. In addition, Jeka Fish now no longer needs a lifting truck and other tools for the loading function.

Since 2016, N.C. Nielsen has developed and supplied over 800 Lithium-ION batteries to clients in Scandinavia and Germany. Around 25% of all supplied batteries now have Lithium-ION technology, and the increasing number of batteries find their way into many industries and companies.

“We are very happy to hear about the experience at Jeka Fish A/S. It confirms to us that Lithium-ION batteries are here to stay and can meet the challenges even in difficult working environments in the long-term. I have no doubt that more and more of our customers will choose Lithium-ION batteries in the future – due to technical, financial and sustainability-related reasons,” states technical director Per T. Nielsen from N.C. Nielsen. 

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