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Case We will soon see the end of LPG and diesel forklift trucks at one of the world’s largest producers of fish meal and fish oil. FF Skagen has chosen to switch to Linde electric trucks and N.C. Nielsen has delivered the first four Linde electric trucks with its proprietary Lithium-ION batteries. Over the next few years, the remaining truck fleet at FF Skagen will move over to electric trucks with green and sustainable battery technology.

Every day, FF Skagen manufactures tonnes of fish meal and fish oil for feed producers and breeders in aquaculture, agriculture and the pet food industry worldwide. The large quantities of finished goods are transported internally in heavy iron boxes, which are placed in stock and packaged in tubs and sacks before being transported in containers to the waiting ships in the Port of Skagen.

Production at FF Skagen never stands still, and the constant flow of finished goods requires a stable truck fleet with highly reliable machines. The choice therefore came down to three Linde E50/600 HL electric trucks with a five tonne lifting capacity and one Linde E30L/387 electric truck with a three tonne lifting capacity – all counterbalance trucks fitted with powerful Lithium-ION batteries as a source of energy.

“The time is ripe to choose an electric truck with Lithium-ION batteries. The new Linde electric trucks are extremely reliable and operate around the clock without any difficulty. They are very quiet, you don’t have to change filters and they can be recharged quickly when the truck drivers are having a break. The electric trucks have more power and the Lithium-ION batteries also help to ensure reasonable operating efficiency,” says Warehouse Manager Martin Ravn from FF Skagen.

For FF Skagen, driver comfort was also a very important criterion when selecting new machines for the truck fleet. Linde was successful in this respect compared to several competing truck brands, which were also in the picture:

“The truck drivers pointed to Linde’s level of comfort and performance. They highlight the good boarding height, legroom in the cabin, luxurious driver’s seat and the clear view in all directions. They are happy that the Lithium-ION battery is easy to handle and can be inserted into the charger in a single movement. At the same time, our Linde electric truck is also equipped with a number of safety features,” says Warehouse Manager Martin Ravn from FF Skagen.

All the new Linde electric trucks at FF Skagen are supplied with optional equipment such as a safety grille on the roof, rear view camera, Linde TruckSpot warning triangle light, blue light when driving forwards and an air suspended Grammer driver’s seat for maximum comfort. In addition, all trucks operate with white Trelleborg tyres, which do not deposit particles on the warehouse floor when driving.

“An increasing number of our clients are choosing Lithium-ION batteries for their Linde truck.
We are seeing a very great deal of interest in this battery technology, which has taken a strong foothold in the market. We build Lithium-ION batteries individually for each Linde electric truck and can thus provide environmentally friendly, efficient and quiet alternatives to diesel and LPG forklift trucks that can lift up to 10 tonnes,” says Sales Director Allan Christensen from N.C. Nielsen.