Press releases In Denmark, we demonstrate global leadership in the wind turbines industry. In 2016 alone, we exported wind turbines, technology and services for 55.6 billion Danish kroner. That corresponds to 6.9 percent of the Danish merchandise exports. The Danish wind industry currently employs 33,000 people. The positive growth curve is expected to continue in the future.


N.C. Nielsen can feel the progress in the wind industry, as internal transportation in this sector is a complicated business due to the scale and the complex operations when turning and moving heavy goods. This requires specialised equipment which can handle the transportation with precision, safety and flexibility. For years, N.C. Nielsen has cooperated closely with the wind industry and developed a range of heavy-duty solutions for this specific purpose:

– Above all, we are pleased to have such a globally significant industry in Denmark. As suppliers to the wind industry we must be on our marks, and we therefore develop a number of special solutions on an on-going basis in the heavy-duty area. For example, we are developing the biggest reach stacker in the world which sets new standards for mobile lifting capacity with a weight of 152 tons on the hook, explains product manager Bo Nørgaard from N.C. Nielsen.


The so-called Mobile Gantry from Combilift is another good example of customised transport equipment for the wind industry. The remotely controlled mobile crane can move in all directions and lift, turn and rotate the items as needed. The crane is narrow enough to pass through a gate that is only three meters wide. It drives well both in-doors and out-doors, and a gantry crane at each end can lift a blade for the wind turbine up on the pole wagon.


N.C. Nielsen has developed the customised tow tractor NCN 6500 which can pull and push up to 6.5 tons on the hook. For example, it can be used to transport wind turbine blades on trollies in the big production halls in the wind turbine factories. The electric machine is particularly solid and capable of manoeuvring. With the customised lifting construction, it can move many tons.

– With a wide range of specialised equipment, we can handle all types of internal transport assignments in the wind industry. In addition to the machines already mentioned, we can offer a 85 ton SMW telescopic fork lift for wind turbine towers. The most recent, new products are the self-propelling modular trailers (SMTP) which can transport even the heaviest items – for example in a manufacturing facility, on a harbour or on a construction site, explains product manager Bo Nørgaard from N.C. Nielsen.


Would you like to know more about the cooperation between N.C. Nielsen and the wind industry or would you like a quote on a specific machine, please contact Bo.