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Press releases The 2017 launch is also the launch of a new partnership between Allison Transmission and N.C. Nielsen. The latter has been attributed the official negotiations about the world-renowned and fully automatic transmissions in Denmark, in the Faroe Islands and in Greenland.

In the future, N.C. Nielsen will be servicing the fully automatic Allison transmissions which are mounted in trucks, busses, entrepreneurial machines, terminal tractors and other rolling stock. Already today, Terberg YT drives terminal tractors with Allison transmission, so N.C. Nielsen is familiar with the advanced technology.

A handful of N.C. Nielsen’s own service engineers (there are 94 in the country) will be trained to handle the full service on the Allison transmissions. The selected service engineers are currently getting to know the technology in-depth, so they can perform the service on gear, bearings, valves, calibration, replace filters and much more.

It was N.C. Nielsen’s service and support function that made the difference during the negotiations between the two parties. Both N.C. Nielsen and Allison transmission are known on the market for their high level of service and quality, so it was easy to reach an agreement:

– We have had a very positive negotiation process, where both parties have obtained insight in the other company. Allison is a “state-of-the-art” company in fully automatic transmission, and with our specially trained service engineers and knowledge of both internal and external transportation, we are well-equipped for the assignment. We also see the partnership as an exciting opportunity to explore new business areas, explains technical manager Henrik Fischer from N.C. Nielsen.


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