Take a technological leap

– with the new AGV generation from N.C. Nielsen

Our new generation of AGVs is now available, giving you unprecedented opportunities to improve your internal logistics. We have delivered more than 50 AGV solutions to Danish companies – solutions which can be adapted to all physical conditions within industrial and manufacturing companies, including the food industry. We supply everything from simple “A to B” solutions through to integrated WMS solutions, where our AGV machines work closely with advanced warehouse management systems. Our AGVs, which are controlled via digital applications, can navigate without reflectors with live mapping, stack pallets in open spaces, find pallets and avoid obstacles.

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Safety – above all else

All driverless AGV solutions are based on proven Linde technology and standard trucks with a wide variety of safety features such as scanners, emergency stop buttons and sensors. Furthermore, the latest AGV navigation technology will lift the safety level even further with a series of digital features, which prevent injuries and contribute to a smooth logistics flow.

Map your internal logistics

Map the total flow from goods receipt/goods out, along transport routes and on to storage and order picking. We create an overall picture of the warehouse infrastructure, visualise it simple models and provide a useful basis for decision making for an improved logistics solution.

Lithium-ion with smart charging

Choose a sustainable battery solution with N.C. Nielsen’s own lithium-ion batteries developed in-house, helping
to switch to green energies and creating added value on the bottom line. When there are small or large breaks in the order flow, the AGV machine drives itself to the charging point to top up with green power.

Driverless trucks from only DKK 35 per hour

An AGV solution provides increased efficiency, fewer injuries, lower labour costs and optimised energy consumption. Routine tasks are taken over by a self-propelled solution that operates around the clock in demanding conditions. You can even finance your AGV solution on attractive terms. In short: You achieve maximum competitiveness, but at minimal cost, with an AGV solution from NC. Nielsen.

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