N.C. Nielsen has developed the lithium-ION batteries of the future. You probably know the Lithium-ION technology from mobile phones, etc. This technology is now available for a wide range of electro technical solutions. In recent years, N.C. Nielsen has developed, tested and approved a series of Lithium-ION batteries. They are now ready to capture the market with various business benefits which we will be outlining in this brochure. We look forward to broaching the innovative technology of the future focussing on efficiency, reduced costs, green technology and increased job satisfaction

Benefits of N.C. Nielsen Lithium-ION batteries

  • considerably reduce operating costs
  • attractive payback times
  • significantly reduced charging times, boosting charge also possible
  • six times longer service life
  • no maintenance
  • easy plug & play handling
  • green technology - possible energy subsidies
  • built-in BMS (Battery Management System)
  • 5-year guarantee.
  • mapping of charging cycle is possible


Of course, the business advantages of our Lithium-ION batteries can be put into figures. We are working continuously to reduce company costs in all parameters. The batteries of the future will be an additional cost reduction, delivered directly to the customer without any price-raising intermediaries. Quite simply, the new batteries outperform traditional lead acid batteries in terms of charging times, service lives, operating costs and maintenance.


Service life of Lithium-ION batteries are up to six time longer than that of a conventional battery. This long life means that the battery is attractive when calculating costs, outperforming all other technologies and delivering a compelling input for the decision process.

The Lithium-ION technology has reached a stage of evolution where cost price, service life and operating costs have been optimised to the benefit of the company's overall level of costs.


We are able to deliver Lithium-ION batteries for a wide range of battery-based products:

Yachts and industrial ships, golf and hotel carts, park and garden machines, wind turbines, emergency power plants and forklifts, just to mention a few.


With this new generation of Lithium-ION batteries, N.C. Nielsen is also making a green footprint for posterity. As other responsible companies, we are focussing on green technology when it makes business sense and helps reduce the overall impact on the environment. We take one green boost at a time and develop eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

The benefits of Lithium-ION batteries are obvious. They are free from hazardous heavy metals. They utilise the energy with much more efficiently. They also take up less space and last but not least, they can be disposed of in a more eco-friendly way than conventional batteries.


Lithium-ION batteries from N.C. Nielsen were first developed for our "own" brands such as 
Linde electric trucks and Terberq terminal tractors. The batteries have already shown that they can handle extreme working environments in warehouses, in the industry and on the harbour. They can be used for almost all electric trucks and other vehicles for internal logistics. Now the time has come to offer the technology to other sectors and electric products, so interconnected Logistic Trains, golf wagons, emergency generators, the ship and wind mill industry can benefit from the innovative technology.

The new batteries are adjusted for the respective products to enable them to function more cost-effectively than before. N.C. Nielsen produces customised Lilhium-ION batteries (12 volt and more) between 150 and 1,240 amperes. All batteries have an in-built advanced BMS-security system which protects the cells during the loading and unloading phases – and ensures optimal battery effect.


Would you like to know how the Lithium-ION batteries from N.C. Nielsen may benefit your day-to-day operations in a much greener fashion? Then contact our battery expert to learn more about the advantages of changing to Lithium-ION

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