Efficient fleet management with N.C. Nielsen

Digital tools make it possible to create efficient fleet management for all types of companies, fleet sizes and vehicles. At N.C. Nielsen, we offer individually customised fleet management, to ensure a clear overview, take full advantage of resources and create more value in the business.

Fleet management from N.C. Nielsen allows you to administer your truck fleet efficiently. You can access valuable information on everything from driving hours, energy consumption and potential collisions, so you can always keep an eye on how the entire truck fleet is contributing to your business goals.

Good fleet management helps to increase productivity and to solve internal transport tasks in the most efficient way. It helps to reduce costs, focusing on preventive safety measures and even includes an environmental dimension, for example by extending the service life of machines and batteries.


Linde Truck Call App manages logistics

Make it easy to manage all your everyday logistics tasks and keep track of unexpected deliveries. Linde Truck Call App for smartphone or tablet is the solution. The app simplifies the allocation of driving tasks in the truck fleet and shortens the communication path between team leader and truck driver. The team leader creates the task. The system notifies all available truck drivers. The first available truck driver accepts and performs the task immediately. The team leader receives confirmation that the task has been completed. It couldn’t be simpler and more efficient.
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Let N.C. Nielsen handle navigation

Listen to N.C. Nielsen if you want to exploit the full potential of the high bay warehouse. We supply modular Linde VNA narrow aisle trucks with tailored navigation, which fit exactly the warehouse rack aisles, product positions and driving patterns. With NCN navigation, the narrow aisle truck drives automatically from position to position in the high bay warehouse in the safest and most energy-optimised way. This ensures faultless entry into and removal from stock, provides a safe working environment and increases productivity by a minimum of 25%.
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Linde Connect – it pays to be connected

Linde Connect is the way to intelligent fleet management in a world where logistics processes are becoming more and more complex. Linde Connect makes the complicated simple by always giving you a full overview of the truck fleet and collecting all the valuable key indicators for improved efficiency. The system provides important information about the truck fleet, to help you increase productivity, improve safety, prevent industrial accidents and make service and maintenance scheduling easier.
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Konecranes Truconnect – computerised efficiency

Konecranes Truconnect includes a number of remote service products and programs that support your maintenance activities and promote improvements in safety and efficiency. The system figuratively links data, machines and people together, so you can optimise the performance and activity of your machines. The goal is to make internal transport more efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and of course comfortable for the operator, who has to sit behind the wheel for many hours.
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Want to learn more about efficient fleet management

Our fleet management experts are ready to help you answer your questions. Contact Allan, Henrik or Henrik for a secure overview with a custom fleet management.