Impressive towing power

The heavy duty machine Terberg RT403 provides an impressive towing power of 403 HP and further optimization of e.g. fuel consumption and driver comfort.

The Terberg RT403 is a machine that is often used in both industrial companies and in port areas and terminals, thanks to its durability and value in performing heavy duty transports.  Technological innovation and ever increasing demands placed by companies on the volume and size of goods lie behind the optimized design of the Terberg RT403. Despite the high performance of the machine, the engine is extremely quiet and environmentally friendly.

Comfort and productivity

Driver comfort and productivity are two sides of the same coin. Terberg is known for delivering the best cabin on the market in terms of ergonomics, space, safety, noise and visibility. The spacious cabin has large window surfaces, which give a clear view on all sides and the use of soundproof materials ensures a virtually noise-free working environment. 

" The new Terberg diesel engines are the result of many years of development work by Terberg engineers, where the engines have gradually been improved. At the same time, environmental technology is becoming more and more complex, for example the AdBlue liquid requires a separate injection system and the SCR catalytic converter also adds new components to the structure of the engines. "
Claus Lilleholt / N.C. Nielsen A/S
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Reliable, powerful and always with a focus on driver comfort. These are some of the obvious benefits of the Dutch Terberg terminal tractors. The machines are extremely functional and build on decades of experience of intense daily wear in connection with e.g. the transport of containers, loose trailers and swap bodies.

New technology is continuously used to further improve terminal tractors and extend Terberg’s leading position with regards to ease of use, ergonomics and safety. “Keep it simple and safe” is the fundamental Terberg principle behind construction, design and technology.


Udvalget af Terberg terminaltraktorer omfatter:

  • Terberg YT
  • Terberg RT & TT
  • Terberg BC
  • Terberg DT
  • Terberg Zagro
  • Terberg Specialløsninger
  • Terberg Approved

Terberg YT

Terberg YT (Yard Tractor) forener stor motorkraft og ekstrem soliditet med en gennemtænkt VIP-kabine, hvor der er fokus på optimal komfort, udsyn og sikkerhed. Maskinerne sikrer hurtig trailerhåndtering fra start til slut. De baghjulstrukne Terberg YT-maskiner er skabt til at flytte løstrailere i distributionscentre, havneterminaler, lufthavne og industrivirksomheder.

Den nye Terberg YT-serie består af flere diesel-varianter og en fuldt eldreven variant med den nyeste og højeffektive EV-teknologi, som giver den samme ydelse som de dieseldrevne udgaver. De innovative Terberg-maskiner er tilmed kompatible til brint som brændstof. 

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Terberg RT & TT

Terberg RT og TT (RoRo & Terminal Tractor) lægger sig i spidsen med førerkomfort, sikkerhed og enkel vedligeholdelse. De stærke sider ved RoRo-terminaltraktorerne er blevet endnu stærkere. De specialiserede heavy-duty maskiner med hhv. 2 og 4 hjulstræk er forbedret på en lang række områder, der øger den samlede effektivitet ved RoRo-håndtering, terminalarbejde og andre former for trailerhåndtering.

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Terberg BC

Terberg BC182 forener fleksibilitet og ekstrem soliditet med en gennemtænkt VIP-kabine, hvor der er fokus på optimal komfort, udsyn og sikkerhed. Maskinen kan flytte alle lad- og anhængertype, der anvendes på terminaler og distributionscentre.

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Terberg DT

Den specialudviklede Terberg DT-serie (Distribution Tractor) har lav indstigningshøjde, et bredt udsyn fra førerkabinen og en række sikkerhedsforanstaltninger, som sætter Terberg DT-serien nye standarder, når der skal flyttes trailere på travle godsterminaler, centrallagre og distributionscentre.

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Terberg Zagro

Terberg Zagro er udviklet til at kunne køre både på og omkring jernbanespor. Den trækker snildt 2.500 tons med nedslåede skinnehjul og direkte kontakt mellem bagerste hjulsæt og skinnerne.

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Terberg Specialløsninger

Verden over er Terberg kendt for sine robuste terminaltraktorer, der flytter trailere på havneområder, i distributionscentre og hos industrivirksomheder. Udover dette kan N.C. Nielsen også tilbyde special-løsninger med udgangspunkt i en Terberg-maskine – fx har vi udviklet en løsning med en sandopfylder, der effektivt hjælper til ved kabelnedlægning. Lad os gerne høre det, hvis du har en lignende idé.

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Terberg Approved

Med Terberg Approved åbner N.C. Nielsen nye muligheder på markedet for heavy duty maskiner. I stedet for nyt eller brugt kan virksomheder fremover vælge "brugt, men så godt som nyt" og skære 40-45 % af prisen sammenlignet med nye tilsvarende Terberg-modeller. Approved-konceptet bygger på Terberg maskinernes velkendte kvalitet og driftssikkerhed.

Clear access to the machine

High operational reliability and simple maintenance are another strong feature of the Terberg machines. The cabin can be tilted up 71° to ensure unobstructed access to the engine in connection with service and repair.

For this machine, Terberg has developed an innovative flat radiator – with three independent cooling modules placed on top of each other for the intercooler, engine and transmission respectively. The radiator is also easy to clean and maintain.

Terberg is setting the bar high

Terberg RT and Terberg TT are way ahead when it comes to driver comfort, safety and simple maintenance. The strengths of the RoRo terminal tractors have been enhanced even further. Terberg is moving terminal operations into top gear. Experience from thousands of operating hours and new technology moved up a level when Terberg launched the first generation of RT terminal tractors in April 2010.

These specialist heavy duty machines, with 2 and 4 wheel drive respectively, have been improved in a wide range of areas to increase overall efficiency in RoRo handling, terminal operations and other forms of trailer handling.

One of the areas of focus is to create the best possible working environment for the driver. That’s why the VIP cabin on the Terberg machines is undoubtedly the best in the world in its category in terms of ergonomics, safety and low noise levels.

Three-in-one slider

with total flexibility


The Terberg BC182 combines flexibility and extreme solidity with a well thought out VIP cabin, focusing on optimal comfort, visibility and safety. The machine can move any type of truck bed and trailer found in terminals and distribution centres.

The Terberg BC182 is a true three-in-one machine that ensures the necessary flexibility in distribution centres and terminals, where the goods arrive or are handled on different modes of transport.

The BC182 is available with lifting frames for swap bodies, 5th wheels for trailers and a standard trailer hitch for truck trailers. The machine thus covers all common types of truck bed and trailer.  

Lying low

The low boarding height and a cabin floor that is just a half meter above the ground make Terberg DT well-suited for busy trailer traffic. The operator of a Terberg DT is literally at eye level with other drivers and pedestrians at the terminal. The low height helps minimize the risk of collision and other accidents.

Distribution at eye level

The specially designed Terberg DT (Distribution Tractor) has a low boarding height, a panoramic view from the cabin and a host of safety features, which sets a new standard for the Terberg DT series when it comes to moving trailers at busy goods terminals, central warehouses and distribution centres.

Terberg pulls away

with new terminal tractor for logistics tasks

The popular Terberg YT (Yard Tractor) series is available in diesel, electric and hydrogen versions. It has been developed from a multi-functional concept including increased driver comfort, high efficiency and a host of optional equipment to enhance operations in distribution centres, port terminals, waste disposal sites and industrial companies.

The new Terberg YT is extremely powerful and can handle a maximum 5th wheel load of 36 tonnes. This means there is always plenty of power in reserve for the vast number of trailers that are handled in the course of a day.

Increased driver comfort

Of course, Terberg has also listened to the wishes of the machine drivers who spend many hours working behind the wheel. These have been taken into account to improve driver comfort in the form of a unique cabin suspension, plenty of room for accessories and storage, robust mirror arms, ergonomically designed control panel and an efficient heater to prevent fogging on windows.

The electric Terberg runs 100% on electric power and is therefore extremely quiet, making it a major benefit to the environment.

Groundbreaking battery technology
The machines are equipped with groundbreaking lithium battery technology.  This gives a much longer operating time without recharging, and when charging is finally required, it only takes about 2½ hours.  A fully charged lithium battery can operate for 9-10 hours.

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