N.C. Nielsen has developed the lithium-ION batteries of the future. You probably know the Lithium-ION technology from mobile phones, etc. This technology is now available for a wide range of electro technical solutions. In recent years, N.C. Nielsen has developed, tested and approved a series of Lithium-ION batteries. They are now ready to capture the market with various business benefits which we will be outlining in this brochure. We look forward to broaching the innovative technology of the future focussing on efficiency, reduced costs, green technology and increased job satisfaction

    Benefits of N.C. Nielsen Lithium-ION batteries

    • considerably reduce operating costs
    • attractive payback times
    • significantly reduced charging times, boosting charge also possible
    • six times longer service life
    • no maintenance
    • easy plug & play handling
    • green technology - possible energy subsidies
    • built-in BMS (Battery Management System)
    • 5-year guarantee.
    • mapping of charging cycle is possible

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