Agile heavy-goods transporter
    Linde W20 electric tow tractor transports heavy loads fast, efficiently and safely. Its maneuverability is key to this; because of its compact dimensions, the platform truck is very versatile moving products or industrial items. The energy-saving and precise assisted steering makes any manoeuvre easier, even in confined spaces. Linde W20 is made in a sturdy design with a moulded protective chassis, etc. The cab is mounted on hydraulic oscillating elements and is independent from the chassis. In this way, only few vibrations and road noise reach the driver. Linde W20 can take up to two tons on its loading area and has a maximum towing capacity of 4.5 tons.


    • Electromagnetic counter current brake
    • Double braking system on the front and rear axle
    • Excellent view in all directions
    • Sturdy cab and chassis
    • Electric parking brake


    • Height adjustable steering wheel
    • Cab with a high level of comfort
    • Loads of storage space
    • Low entry height

Technical data

Model Capacity Battery
Linde W20 2.000 kg 80 / 320 (V)/(Ah)

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