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    Linde N20 L and N20 picking trucks with lifting masts ensure optimum distances between the operator and the picking area. The truck is designed to handle goods in picking and warehouse functions. With the compact design of the tiller, the operator has a safe drive position at all times within the framework of the truck. The ergonomic design of the tiller protects the operator during all conditions. The picking truck's AC motor drives well, accelerates fast and safely to its top speed of 10 km/h with load and 12 km/h without load. The picking truck can be equipped with several mast types and is available with lithium-ION batteries for additional efficiency. Dependent on the model, lifting capacities are up to two tons on the forks.


    • Compact control unit
    • Ergonomic handles with hand protection
    • Speed reduction when cornering
    • Speed adjustment when forks are lowered
    • Optional protective roof


    • Designed specifically for order picking
    • Low entry height
    • All controls gathered on the control unit
    • Suspended standing platform
    • Adjustable back rest

Technical data

Model Capacity Battery
Linde N20 L 132 1.200 kg 24 / 375 (V)/(Ah)
Linde N20 Li 132 1.200 kg 24 / 375 (V)/(Ah)

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