Press releases On 1 January 2018, a new partnership is launched between the Danish company, N.C. Nielsen, which is the official Terberg-importer in Scandinavia - and Hesselberg Truck AS. In the new set-up, Hesselberg Truck AS becomes the distributor of the entire Terberg product range in Norway, which includes the famous Terberg terminal tractors, in demand all over Norway.

– We are focusing on Norway right now, because of the increasing demand for Terberg terminal tractors for the numerous harbours, industrial businesses and distribution centres which keep the Norwegian society active. We are pleased to have found a strong and reliable partner. Hesselberg Truck AS has demonstrated excellence, both in sales and service provision, and shares our fundamental values, explains executive director Poul B. Nielsen from N.C. Nielsen.


N.C. Nielsen now takes the next logical step in the Terberg story. The aim of the partnership with Hesselberg Truck AS is to promote the Terberg brand more widely in Norway:

– We know N.C. Nielsen well, having worked many years in the machine and truck business. Therefore, we have no reservations concerning our new partnership around Terberg terminal tractors on the Norwegian market. We plan to help each other expand the market for these forceful, innovative and user-friendly terminal tractors. In the future, customers will meet a strong Terberg team consisting of employees from both N.C. Nielsen and Hesselberg Truck AS. We look forward to our fruitful cooperation, states executive director, Kai Paulshus from Hesselberg Truck AS.