E for Exceptional: E20 – E35

The E20 – E35 forklift trucks are perfectly equipped for indoor use. Their compact design and maneuverability provide excellent handling performance even in tight spaces.

Optimum Maneuverability

The E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks have a dual motor front drive for maximum maneuverability. The electric motors are integrated into the drive axle and turn anti-clockwise at the full steering angle. The combi steering axle allows both rear wheels to be turned by almost ninety degrees to the truck’s longitudinal axis. This means that the electric forklift truck can even form a perfect circle when turning.

Synchronous Reluctance Motors

The newly developed synchronous reluctance motors ensure optimized performance and higher energy efficiency than conventional systems across all performance classes.

High-Performance Energy Systems

For demanding multi-shift operation, the lithium-ion or fuel cell systems from Linde increase the availability and long-term performance of the electric forklift truck. Its unique selling points include its high overall safety and the optimum compatibility between the truck and the energy system.

Load Balancing

With the help of load balancing, every customer can develop the right charging strategy for their local energy infrastructure. The aim of this is to avoid expensive power peaks (Peak Power Management) and statically as well as dynamically limit the available charging power.

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Der er faktisk tale om en revolutionerende teknologi på truckmarkedet. Det er et meget stort skifte for både Linde og for branchen som helhed. Altså at nedbryde kategorierne og tænke i nye teknologiske baner, der mere handler om grøn omstilling, energioptimering, digitalisering, produktivitet og førerkomfort frem for selve energikilden.
Max Høegh Nielsen / N.C. Nielsen A/S
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Driver’s Workstation

  • Driver’s Workstation
  • Optimum Visibility
  • Armrest
  • Seat Variants
  • Display
  • Driver’s Cab with Air Conditioning
  • Mechanical Decoupling from the Mast, Drive, and Steering Axle
  • Elastomer Ring Bearing
  • Electronic Suspension of the Mast Ends

Driver’s Workstation

The spacious driver’s cab in the new generation gives operators significantly more space than in the electric forklift trucks from the previous series.

Optimum Visibility

The even narrower A-pillar, narrow mast profile, and optional armored glass roof ensure optimal visibility. The driver has a good view of both the load and the area around the truck in all directions.


The armrest, which is available in multiple variants, ensures optimum arm support and ergonomic operation of all key functions. As well as the tried-and-tested Linde Load Control, there are also additional control elements integrated into the armrest, which can be configured according to the preference.

Seat Variants

A wide variety of seat options provide additional comfort and active protection against postural injuries – with air suspension and lumbar support through to heated seating and seat ventilation.


The 3.5-inch display, which is fitted as standard, gives the driver all the relevant information at a glance, such as the fuel gage, warning lights, and operating hours. As an extra, the optional 7-inch display also shows images from additional camera systems.

Driver’s Cab with Air Conditioning

Temperature also affects the driver’s wellbeing and therefore their productivity. The powerful cooling and heating performance of the optional air-conditioning system in the cab, which has an eight-nozzle ventilation system (three nozzles for the driver, two nozzles in the foot well, and three defog nozzles for the windscreen), ensures a comfortable working environment.

Mechanical Decoupling from the Mast, Drive, and Steering Axle

Decoupling the chassis from the steering axle and mast significantly reduces the shocks transmitted to the driver when traveling over uneven surfaces.

Elastomer Ring Bearing

The use of an elastomer ring bearing to absorb shocks on the front axle also ensures that the driver has the optimum protection when traveling over bumps, guide rails, or uneven surfaces.

Electronic Suspension of the Mast Ends

To prevent shocks and vibrations being transmitted to the driver, the mast ends are electronically suspended when lifting and lowering, which also reduces the amount of wear to the mast components.

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